Photography Portfolio and Artist Statement | Fall 2017 PT2

My choice in subject matter comes from a lifetime obsession with high fashion. At first, it was just the clothes and the act of “getting ready” that drew me close as a child. I would live for the moments that I would visit my grandmother and watch her in her dressing room. I fell in love with the way you could present yourself and how it portrayed who you were as a person and what you wanted to accomplish. With a few accessories you could be anyone that you wanted, and could live in a fantasy of your own creation. 
    For my portfolio, I wanted to explore the feeling I receive whenever I attend fashion based events and always being the fly on the wall. I’m a very confident person but whenever I attend these events, I often feel very insecure. The fashion world feels like a different entity, projecting overwhelming bold and innovative statements. 
    I combined traditional photography with common digital art to explore what the merging of two worlds can create. My subject will focus on my thoughts when faced with immense insecurity and the world I have created for myself in order to cope. This work aims to contrive diversity and fortitude with fashion forward imagery, but also for the viewer to develop their own introspection from what I created. 

China Martin